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The Polish Culture Society of Edmonton, established over three decades ago, has made a tremendous contribution to the city's cultural life.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta's capital city, the Polish Culture Society of Edmonton has successfully launched collaborative projects with similar organizations in Calgary and Vancouver, as well as with arts organizations and academic institutions across Canada and abroad.

The Society's main goal is the preservation, promotion and development of Polish culture, language, traditions and customs within a Canadian context. The Polish artistic communities and individuals who through artistic talents and hard work are contributing to Alberta Culture are of particular importance and interest here. www.tkpedmonton.org


Did you know?

His set of 24 Preludes is based on Bach’s idea represented in 24 Preludes and Fugues (one in each key signature).  The only difference is that Bach’s Preludes and Fugues are written in the chromatic order of the keys (C major, c minor, C sharp major, c sharp minor etc) and Chopin’s set follows major and its relative minor order (C major, a minor, G major, e minor etc).

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